Class Descriptions

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  • Rise and Shine Yoga- For all you early birds out there! A slow vinyasa class designed to wake up the body and senses and get you ready for your day.
  • Out of Bed Yoga – Start your day off right with this invigorating class, focusing on breath, alignment and movement. There is no better way to kick start your day! LEVELS I, II, III
  • Yoga for Lunch- This 45 minute class is geared for the working person who has an hour lunch and would like to spend it doing yoga! LEVELS I, II, III
  •  Beginner’s Yoga – Looking to start a yoga practice, or come back to your practice after some time off? This is the class for you. The slower pace, and attention to alignment and movement are just the things you need. LEVELS I, II
  • Restorative Bliss Yoga – This class is just what the body needs after a long day. Focusing on spinal, hip and shoulder flexibility – you will feel restored and revitalized after this practice. LEVELS I, II, II
  • Yoga Sculpt – A total body workout combining a vinyasa class with weights and a little Pilates to work the core. LEVELS I, II, III
  • Slow Flow Yoga – We have taken all the benefits of a vinyasa class and slowed it down. Breath is linked with each posture and focusing on proper alignment. LEVELS I, II, III
  • Black Light Yoga – Put on your neon or white colored yoga clothes and get ready to sweat!  This class bring the night club to the yoga studio! Each class is theme based, designed to bring the fun, the funky and get the heart pumping!
  • Funktional Fusion – Love to Dance? Love Cardio? Love Yoga & Pilates? Well this class has all of it! 45 minutes of this class is choreographed to some heart pumping music to get you moving and grooving, the last 15 minutes is a combination of Yoga and Pilates with a meditation to round it all out. Exclusively at New Breathe Yoga! LEVELS I, II, III
  • Budokon Yoga When yoga combines with martial arts, you get Budokon Yoga.  This class focuses on building strength, awareness and connection between lower and upper body. It creates range of motion by dynamic and circular transitions.
  • Anusara Elements Yoga- A heart oriented, alignment based practice, focused on body, mind and spirit – awareness, integration and expression.  For all Levels
  • Roll and Stretch - A 45 minute class using deep yoga stretches in conjunction with a foam roller to break up adhesion’s in the body, massage out deep tissue and increase blood flow.  For All Levels